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Tips To Building a Successful Startup

“Startup” is a word that you are probably very familiar with by now. In case you have been hearing the word a lot but couldn’t figure out what it really is, here is the actual definition of a startup. A startup is a young company that is founded and... Read more

Written by: Olamide Olawale on:

tags: business

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How To Use Windows LocalStorage As a Make-shift Database with JavaScript

Honing the many facets of web development can be a challenge to beginners as it tends to take a significant amount of time and practice. However, it’s possible to write some JavaScript programming logic that can save your application data to a storage... Read more

Written by: Anne Essien on:

tags: javascript

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How to Optimize Active Record Efficiently

Hi there! In this article, we will look at the various tricks and techniques that can be adopted to optimize data retrieval time and make our Rails application run faster. Ride with me as we go through a number of ways to optimize queries in Active... Read more

Written by: Ifeanyi Opara on:

tags: ruby, rails

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